Virtual Controller / CFO

As a small to medium size enterprise, we deal in creating a virtual controller to help mitigate risk and improve sales, profit and turnover. As a business you may not require a CFO or a Controller, but you do need a sounding board to ensure strong financial management. With our Virtual Controller you can start where you stop in filling the gaps with the help of our experienced talent and pick up from bookkeepers and accountants and stop where the yearly audit pick up in doing the company’s year-end closing.

Management Accounting

We will create budgets for cash flow and profit planning and we will help you in getting better control over your business through our important business management tools. Our services will help you brand your product’s price and improve services by calculating realistic financial targets and goals. We will also assist with monthly sales forecasts and order book projections, comparing sales needs to inventory or resource capacity.

Management Advice

We will provide managerial accountancy services through checking the current profit and sales margin and compare it to the budget which has been established and the sales in comparison to the previous year target. We will create reports which will include detailed key performance indicators and financial ratios that apply to critical areas of your business and we will do a complete review of your operation through our plans which are laid before the start of the quarter. Based on your business needs, we can help you with gathering more capital to run your business and meeting with bankers, lenders and investors on a regular basis to meet this expectation and also setting up and monitoring asset based lending, banking guarantees, insurance certificates, Line of Credit and Letter of Credit.

Business Development

We will assist you with the development of your strategic plan, where we specialize in creating excess business development to tap into unexpected potential of your business and make it even more profitable. We understand the need of small to medium size organizations need for a virtual controller as they cost to outsource this function is far greater than the minimal cost of setting up this system. We can ensure your business is utilizing capital properly, effectively managing cash flow and avoiding heavy debt-load while providing tips to help mitigate business and financial risk.