Working with us as your Accounting Service can be highly advantageous considering time and cost effectiveness, we provide solutions such as Bookkeeping Services, Tax Appeals and Tax Savings Plans, Audit Defense, Cashflow Solutions and other services. It is imperative that you should consider us for using these services as we provide a comprehensive and correct solution to your needs. We work through our closed knit company with confidence from you in reaching our goals while expressing no opinions or any other assurance on the information.

Creating an environment which provides financial information to you in a steadfast and clear form is part of our ethics and work culture, we believe that a well organized financial record will make your company work wonders within your current capabilities and run more efficiently on a daily basis.

Bookkeeping Services

We provide services which go far ahead of sound financial advice; we provide services of keeping accounting systems and books up to date and help you in making any form of decision which would help you get a sound footing on the ground.

We have a work ethics of providing professional and responsive bookkeeping through our accounting team will ensure that there is high quality accounting service at your fingertip and all with a personalized touch.

We understand the need for good accounting practices which we take in a forthright manner through our bookkeeping methods as this information is holding your company through all the information which can be held in an accountancy system, we work directly with the clients in creating the right mix of business, accounting and finance.

With the help of this data you can make decisions about the future and also conceive notions of the past, hence you should decide to make us handle your business.

We provide the services of in-house bookkeeping service where one of our employees will visit you at your company and using his high skilled expertise and work in an hourly setting to help you keep your books in shape and hence you can benefit from our bookkeeping service.

We also provide bookkeeping services from our location where you can provide your statements, balances and other documentation on a monthly or quarterly manner and we make sure records are stored in secure locations. This service will help you keep a record apart from your company in one of our software system and help you get a clear footing of the standing of your company.

Bookkeeping services include:
  • Payroll Compliance along with A/P, A/R are up to date
  • Conciliation of Bank and Credit Card Statements
  • Deal with the Canadian Revenue Agency in the dealing taking place between you and us.
  • Maintain the payroll of your companies employee, provide remittance slips and T4 slips which can be use in filing of taxes.
  • Filing Monthly, Quarterly HST Returns
  • We provide you with tax advice and also keep you file up to date with any transaction that may have occurred in the past couple of months.