Corporate Compliance

Compliance and reporting is basically based on certain procedures laid out by the Compliance laws in the Canadian Federal. Compliance and reporting require huge demands on tax and finance functions in companies, which require employing more than 1 compliance officer in the company. The requirement of today’s companies is need of access, visibility and control. Our market-leading approach combines extensive local compliance and accounting experience. We use standard global compliance process and web-based tools.

Access to resources of our dedicated compliance framework and reporting done by our accounting professional in Canada is a huge plus point of our services. Our advice requires local-to-local service, where you need it at the same time as centralizing and automating aspects of the process. Our advanced next generation model focuses on global data management, which can be used in centralizing and re-using data across the financial supply chain and geographical boundaries which can lead to more automated data generation and less manual intervention. We can give you an integrated, consistent, quality service that unlocks the potential of your compliance function, with tax compliance, statutory accounts preparation and tax accounting support.

Organization must strike a balance by achieving a good control through risk mitigation, visibility and consistent quality, and the right efficiency across process and system. This while creating the right value for the business at lower cost. Accounting Compliance and Reporting services is focused on meeting the financial reporting requirements of small to medium size companies where they do business. Companies across industries are engaged in finance transformation initiatives, the deployment of Shared Services Centers and continuous drive for efficiency and lower costs.

Generally Accepted Accounting Principle is the framework of accounting of guidelines for financial accounting which is generally accepted in Canada, which include the standards, conventions and rules followed by accounting professionals in creating financial statements for the company. These are also included in the Compliance and Reporting of Accounting