Process & Risk Advisory

When facing issues with Process and Risk Advisory issues, it is best to consider taking proactive measures to create checks and balances in finding what the financial risks are facing the company and how to convert risks into opportunities, for both investments and turning risks into profit for companies. We at Gujral Associates are a dedicated national practice committed to helping clients understand and assess the risk inherent to their business. Using our approach of converting the talent and experience of your companies and through our highly motivated employees will provide you with innovative, cost-effective and value-added services.

Risk Advisory and Governance

We provide the most detailed information about our practice where we offer a combination of services such as enterprise-wide risk initiatives and corporate governance program to specific niche service solutions. Our team will work in creating services to reduce organizational risks and maximize your business opportunities.

Incorporating a form of governance which will work in creating an environment conducive to growth in the company that promotes the right behaviors throughout your organization is important for the process of governance. We examine the operations of the board with other committees to assess their effectiveness; we review how decisions are made and how business performance is tracked and also review how the expectations of the stakeholders are met, and provide sound technical advice on how changes can be brought through these performance evaluations.

Enterprise Risk Management

Business risks and how they are approached and handled are the drivers that can make your companies millions of dollar in profit or loss. Calculated risks are instrumental in helping an organization grow and flourish, business risks that stem from technological, environmental, political and commercial factors could threaten your viability and profitability. We develop using calculated risks to create an Enterprise Risk Management system where your company can grow and flourish in any condition while managing and reducing the risk which may affect the company. Having a stable mix of strategies in Enterprise Risk Management can help a company maximize its profitability as well as reduce, mitigate the risks inherits in the companies at that current time which will help keep the company running as a viable, functional and operational.

Regulatory and Compliance

Ensuring that the company is running and it is compliant as well as able to regulate in meeting the expectation of the board and helping stakeholder’s values growing will make it a viable option for any investor. We can help your business with keeping in compliance with

  • Internal Controls assurance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Audit committee evaluations
  • Internal controls design and testing

We will create a regulatory and compliance framework which will help working with the federal government as well as contribute to the effectiveness of operations of the company.

Business Process Enhancement

Whether your goal is to improve productivity and reduce cost, leverage new business models and technology or avert risks within current operations, we will help you enhance the profits of your business process initiatives. Technology should be employed as part of an overall business process and not the single end-to-end solution.